CNC machining

CNC machining is an increasingly common method of working with various materials. Its main advantage is the great accuracy of operation, and the results in the processed material are surprising. The processing equipment is fitted with a microcomputer.

The pre-entered data on the project in progress is processed and implemented during processing.
CNC machining is otherwise known as machining.

The whole process has three stages:

  • design and programming;
  • design processing;
  • implementation,
  • the processing proper.

Advantages of this processing method:

  • precision of execution
  • greater productivity,
  • low error rate
  • analysis of the project, the material, its texture and structure, and adapting activities to thus obtained data.
  • repetition of designs
  • material saving.

The materials we process:

  • wood, plywood, wood-based panels
  • plastics.
  • maximum dimensions 2.5 x 1.3 m

We design and prepare CAD projects

CAD design is computer-aided design. This technology allows technical designs to be more accurate.
Work rate is faster, more efficient and much more effective.

At the request of our customers, we are able to prepare visualisations of the designs we realize.

Frezowanie CNC

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